Road crashes said to be killing people more than deadly diseases

Mr Joseph Korto, National Dean of Presiding Members has stated that road crashes have killed more persons in the Tema Region than any other disease and called on road users to adhere to road safety regulations to reduce fatalities.

Mr Korto said data indicates that Tema has recorded numerous road crashes which have claimed more lives compared to any other diseases including COVID-19.

Mr Korto, who is also the Presiding Member for the Tema Metropolitan Assembly stated at the Tema Ghana News Agency and Tema Motor Transport and Traffic Department (MTTD) Road Safety campaign platform.

He attributed the upsurge of road crashes in the Tema region to total disregard to road safety regulations by road users.

The PM who is also the longest-serving Assembly Member in the country with the Low-Cost Electoral Area in Tema Community Nine stressed that, if road safety regulations were steered up holistically, the enclave would be accident-free very soon.

He said if road safety requirements were followed accidents will be reduced to the barest minimum.

He added that public education was key in fighting road crashes and charged all Unit Committee Members, Assembly Members, Presiding Members, Opinion Leaders to get involved to enhance world safety awareness.

Mr Korto lauded the Ghana News Agency for the initiative to help eradicate the trend of road crashes that was currently on the rise.

Mr Francis Ameyibor, Tema Manager of the Ghana News Agency added that the GNA-Tema and MTTD Road Safety Project seeks to create consistent and systematic weekly awareness on safety.

Source: GNA

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