Car tyres contribute to road accident – Amegayibor

Mr Francis Johnny Amegayibor, Former Treasurer, Ghana Automobile Distribution Association (GADA), has called on Ghanaians to buy car tyres that have the same fitment as their vehicles.

“Each vehicle has a required tyre type which takes into consideration its weight”.

He said car tyres are the most important parts of cars which enhance acceleration, braking, and overall functioning of the vehicles and therefore selecting car tyres must be carefully considered when buying.

Mr Amegayibor stated at the Ghana News Agency, and Tema Motor Transport and Traffic Department (MTTD) Road Safety campaign platform.

The GNA-Tema and MTTD Road Safety Project seek to create consistent and systematic weekly awareness advocacy on the need to be cautious on the road as a user, educate all road users of their respective responsibilities, and sensitize drivers especially of the tenets of road safety regulations, rules, and laws.

Mr Amegayibor who is the former General Sales Manager—Silver Star Auto Limited said it was important to check the size of the tire, speed rating, and load index among others to ensure desirable performance and safety of the vehicles.

Touching on some activities which contribute to road crashes, Mr Amegayibor said poor maintenance of the car tyres and overloading as other causes of accidents as every car had its loading capacity as such when the car is overloaded, it had a direct impact on the tyres.

Mr Amegayibor, who is also a former Board Member of Driver Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) encouraged drivers to learn and understand all about their vehicles.

He charged Ghanaians to be mindful of the second-hand tyre.

Mr Francis Ameyibor, Ghana News Agency Tema Regional Manager noted that data from the MTTD indicates that the number of private vehicles involved in road crashes was on the increase.

Accident data for the first half of the year indicates that out of a total of 637 road crashes 445 were private vehicles. In the first quarter out of 344 road crashes private vehicles recorded 248 and in the second quarter out of 293 crashes private vehicles recorded 197.

He said the high rise in private vehicles involvement in road crashes could be linked to the fact that most of the owners of private vehicles do not go in for regular check-ups and maintenance of their vehicles.

Mr Ameyibor also assigned the increment of road crashes to people not adhering to speed limits, not crossing the roads at appropriate places, the use of communication devices among others while using the roads.

He said the surge in the number of road crashes in the Tema enclave was worrying and urged drivers to be disciplined while using the roads to bring sanity on the roads.

He added that decisive approach was needed to tackle road crashes and appealed for support from stakeholders to prevent needless deaths on the roads.

Mr Ameyibor, explained that GNA-Tema Office is joining an advocacy campaign to make the roads safe: “When we are on the roads, the first line of safety is you, you must put your safety into your hands, don’t expect the driver to take charge of your life”.

Source: GNA

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