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Single digit inflation must be meaningful to ordinary Ghanaians – Bishop Tong

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Bishop Tong

Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Tamale, Right Reverend Dennis Dabukari Tong, has called on government to put in place practical and prudent measures that will make the single digit inflation reflect in the lives of Ghanaians.

He said single digit inflation achieved  by the government resulting from prudent management of the country’s economy may not effectively translate into cash, convenience or comfort for ordinary citizens if they were facing the same hardships.

That he said might  not make necessary impact for them to pay for goods and services.

He emphasised that “What is important to the ordinary Ghanaian is prices of cement and other building materials reduced to their pocket content, have money in their pockets, should have the ability to meet health costs, have access to light and water and should have the ability to pay their bills, then, they can see the meaning of single digit inflation, otherwise it is meaningless and life also becomes meaningless.”

He said “We believe the government is working to fix the nation but we ask those in authority to accelerate the process.”

Right Rev Tong said this in Tamale on  while delivering the Bishop’s Charge to the 10th Diocesan Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Tamale.

The four-day event, which ended on Sunday, is on the theme: “Building the Diocese: A Collective Responsibility of all the gifted”.

The leadership of the Anglican Church from across the diocese are attending the event.

Right Rev Tong was not happy that not much progress was made in addressing the challenges facing the nation, saying “Despite successive governments’ efforts and commitment to address the many challenges of the nation, synod is sad to notice that the situation is not improving.”

On youth unemployment, he said it had become one of the greatest dangers the country was confronted with, adding “There are thousands of graduates who are struggling to make ends meet, and yet their dreams of hooking up a job after school are shuttered, rendering them hopeless in a nation with milk and honey.”

He said “If we say the youth are the future managers of our beloved country, then let us stop the rhetoric and get them brighter, confident and hopeful future.”

He, therefore called on the powers that be “To look at youth unemployment issue with utmost care and as topmost priority.

“There is need for something positive, concrete and reassuring to offset the huge youth unemployment in the country now, to reduce youth desperation, frustration, hopelessness and the lack of direction to avert a most likely bombshell waiting to explode.”

Right Rev Tong said to build the church of God, it required empowering members of the church to be in position to contribute resources and said “I, therefore, charge synod to come out with an educational endowment fund, which will help support the training of brilliant and needy in the diocese.”

He charged that “Synod should come out with a committee that will design the policy for implementation by the 2022 academic year.”

Bishop Tong also called on members of the church, who were into business and gainful employment, to mentor the youth to equip them with employable skills to engage in livelihood activities.

He observed that many members of the church were financially constrained saying “It is imperative as a diocese to start and operate a credit union through which members can save and borrow money to engage in income generating businesses.”

Right Rev Tong encouraged members of the church to continue to observe the COVID-19 safety protocols and avail themselves for the vaccines whenever they were available.

Source: GNA

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