Christians and Muslims worship together

As part of efforts to promote inter-religious harmony and peace in the Adansi South District, the Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission have held a joint church service at New Edubiase.

The service brought together the worshippers from the Ahmadiyya and the Adventist faith to share the word of God who is the creator of mankind.

Pastor S.K Yeboah, New Edubiase District Pastor of the SDA church told the Ghana News Agency after the service that it was important for Christians and Muslims to have good relationships in their communities.

He said though they had different beliefs, Christians and Muslims had a common goal, which was to have a peaceful rest with their creator one day.

Pastor Yeboah said to make the occasion memorable, all the Adventists wore Muslim attire while the Muslims were given copies of the Holy Bible.

Sheik Ishak Agyir, Leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission at New Edubiase, recounted how members of the SDA church had been generous to Muslims in the community.

He said members of the church had been visiting them during Salahs and other Muslim festivities and pledged to work together to promote peace and harmony among members of the two religions in the area.

Source: GNA

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