We transport more fuel through barges and pipelines than road – BOST

The management of Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation has stated that their Asset utilization has risen from 15 per cent to 85 per cent.

As a result, they said more of their fuel was transported by barges and pipelines than road transport.

They therefore denied that Tanker drivers were rendered jobless because of lack of stock at their depots.

In a statement reacting to the Ghana National  Petroleum Tanker Drivers Union and copied to the media BOST said the transmission of fuel from their Primary Depot in Accra to Kumasi, Buipe, Akosombo and Bolga Depots were carried out through three modules: Road (Tankers, Pipeline and River Barges via the VoltaLake.

“BOST has two pipelines connecting the Tema-Akosombo and Buipe-Bolgatanga  Depots.

“Over the past few years the two pipelines have been down and all the four river barges on the Volta Lake were also grounded.”

The statement said efficient resource utilization and focused management had resulted in the full repair of four-river barges that were grounded and the two pipelines.

The statement said the Tema- Akosombo pipeline was expected to be in use by the close of the third quarter, while the river barge from Akosombo to Buipe takes 5,309,000/5400 litres, which was equal to 98  trucks . Pipeline is expected to be in use by close of the third quarter.

“In the process, more volumes of product get transferred to the northern depot through to Bolgatanga and other regions.”

It said for a faster and quicker movement of volumes to meet the increasing export demands the barges and pipelines were more efficient hence their inability to serve the Tanker drivers who used the roads.

Source: GNA

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