TheBridgeZone supports tallest man in Volta Region

TheBridgeZone, an African diaspora organisation, has extended support to Charles Sogli, said to be the tallest man in the Volta Region.

Charles, who stands at 7 feet 10 inches tall, and with a foot size of about 16 inches, dropped out of school early for lack of befitting shoes, and had taken up an apprenticeship in Ho as a metal fabricator.

A recent spotlight thrown on his plight by the Ghana News Agency attracted TheBridgeZone, whose executives together with some personalities from the US, sought him out and offered some support.

The team presented some shoes and cloth items in addition to a cash donation, and sought to explore his areas of personal interest.

Charles appealed for welding and grinding machines to enable him to set himself up after his apprenticeship.

Mr Francis Agbafufu, the father of Charles, said his son started developing abnormal dimensions between age two and three, with arms and legs growing bigger.

He said Charles experienced difficulty progressing academically, and opted to learn a trade.

Mr Anthony Bart-Appiah, Founder and CEO of TheBridgeZone said the Organization was moved by Charles’ story, and expressed readiness to support him with a fitting wardrobe as well as metal working equipment.

He also said the Organization would assist him to attain some formal education.

“We hope that we will be able to help this boy and together we can make his dreams come true,” Mr. Bart-Appiah stated.

TheBridgeZone seeks to develop collaboration between Ghanaians and Africans living in the diaspora, and has succeeded in bringing over 14,000 African Americans to Ghana.

Source: GNA

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