Lack of fuel at BOST depots renders tanker drivers jobless

The Ghana National Petroleum Tanker Drivers Union has appealed to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to intervene in the operations of the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST) as its operations were taking a nosedive.

They argued that for close to a year now majority of the Tanker Drivers were rendered jobless due to lack of fuel stock at the BOST Depots as they could barely load to destinations.

“The executives of the above mentioned union have recently been inundated with calls and complaints from the (BOST) by our drivers transporting petroleum products across the country and this role contributes immensely to the overall economic growth of the country.”

A petition signed by Mr George Nyaunu, National Chairman of the Union to the President through Nana Asante Bediatuo, Executive Secretary and copied to the Minister of Energy said the Executive members had tried to resolve problems regarding operations at BOST by meeting management and other stakeholders in the industry.

“However the painful truth is that majority of our members have been rendered jobless for almost between seven months to one year now due to the downward trends of BOST’s operations as it is depots.

He said as stakeholders, they were aware that BOST had not been able to stock fuel at it is prime depot ‘due to the inability of management to make economically viable, reasonable and sustainable financial arrangements to procure products for our continuous operations.’

The Union appealing to the President to intervene and solve the current management problem at BOST  as “It is mainly due to the fact that the current leadership is not living up to expectation of  our members and by extension to the nation at large.”

Confirming in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Saturday, Mr Nyaunu said the lack of stock at the BOST depot was becoming an albatross on their necks as most of the Drivers are struggling to survive.

“Right now things are hard and how do you expect our members to feed their families if they have to sit at home for about a year? We are very sure the President will intervene for the survival of BOST and the Drivers as well.

Source: GNA

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