Treason trial: Accused woman seduced civilian staff when serving her water – Witness

Warrant Officer Class One (WOI) Esther Saan allegedly seduced a civilian employee, Mr Samuel Kotei, when he was serving her water as instructed.

Major General Nicholas Peter Andoh, second prosecution witness in the ongoing treason trial told the High Court.

He said when the civilian driver brought the water, the door of the guardroom where WOI Saan was kept was left opened and accused who was coming out asked him to send it to the room.

Major General Andoh was disclosing the content of the report of the alleged seduction as investigated by the military police.

The key to where the female accused person was kept and at all material times were in the control of the soldiers on duty and that the civilian employee had no access to the place, the lawyer asked.

Major General Andoh said the report on the alleged attempt by the accused person to jump bail would be made available to the Court.

In a cross-examination by Mr Apanga Lamtiig, lawyer for WOI Esther, the witness said when the driver entered, the accused held him from the back, came to the front, raised her dress without panties and asked him to do something.

“In the process a corporal came in and raised the  alarm.”

Mr Lamtiig put it to the witness that none of the accused persons had shot a gun or taken a violent action against the President of the Republic or any member of the executive.

Major General Andoh rebutted that the preparation, acquisition and planning were towards the end (coup plot) and the security did not have to wait till they fired before taking appropriate action.

Mr Bede Tuuku, counsel for Lance Corporal (LAC) Ali Solomon, asked whether the witness knew his client and that the case he had against him was the fact that he attended a meeting at the Next Door Beach Resort.

However, the witness said it was not only that but the fact that LAC Ali also visited Dr Mac Palm at his residence.

Dr Frederick Mac Palm, Donya Kafui, Bright Alan Debrah, Johannes Zipki, Colonel Kojo Gameli, WOI Esther Saan, Corporal Seidu Abubakar, LAC Ali, LAC Sylvester Akanpewon and Assistant Commissioner of Police Benjamin Korsi Agordzo are standing trial for conspiracy to commit high treason, high treason, abetment among others.

They have all denied their respective charges and have been granted bail.

The ten are being tried at the High Court by a three member panel: Justices Hafsa Amaleboba and Stephen Oppong, presided over by Afia Serwaa Asare-Botwe.

Source: GNA

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