We provide you with quality water – GWCL MD

Dr Clifford A. Braimah

The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has debunked complains of poor water quality it allegedly serves customers, and gave the assurance that it will continue to produce and distribute only the highest quality of water to clients.

Dr Clifford A. Braimah, GWCL Managing Director giving the assurance said “as at now we know we are producing to consumers according to international standards”.

Dr Braimah said there was a fake report on the quality of GWCL water; as a result, the company brought in a research team from USA to ascertain and verify the quality but at the end of the investigation it turned out to be a fake claim.

He indicated that to give Ghanaians the trust in the system, GWCL was working on its ISO certification for its Water Quality Assurance Unit to confirm to the public that they were being served with water that meets the international standards.

He urged the public to corporate with state institutions but guard against using social media to run down such organizations.

“Recently you’ve seen water with tadpoles and others, these are all mischievous videos because if tadpoles grow in a water body it means that water body is still, GWCL taps runs so there is no way it can be there,” he said.

He gave the assurance that the GWCL regularly tested the water that it produces stressing that, “we test the water regularly because we know that even the quality of raw water changes so we check often”.

In an open forum, representatives of the companies complained about over billing, calibration of meters, infrequent water supply, and poor quality of water supplied.

According to some of the companies, they frequently received water with sand particles in them, a situation that affected the quality of the food they produced for export, leading to production cost, as they had to invest in water filters to ensure that they maintained their quality.

Source: GNA

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