Ghana intensifies election campaign for UN Security Council Non-Permanent Membership

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has intensified Ghana’s election bid as a Non-Permanent Member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for the period 2022 to 2023.

The election, slated for June 11, has two Non-Permanent Seats at the UNSC available for the Africa Region which is been contested for by three countries – Ghana from West Africa, and two other countries from Central Africa.

Of the trio, Ghana however, has been endorsed by ECOWAS and the African Union (AU).

Ghana’s campaign document, which was made available by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration to the Ghana News Agency, is on the theme, “Enhancing Global Peace and Security for Sustainable and Inclusive Peace Development”.

The theme defines Ghana’s role within the UNSC while actively pursuing the global critical agenda of international peace and security, guided by the globally agreed objectives in the areas of preventive diplomacy and sustainable development and Security Council reforms and human rights, as well as the strengthening of partnerships between the UN and regional organizations such as the AU and ECOWAS, in the maintenance of peace and security.

The document said Ghana had strong credentials, political maturity and independent thinking, respect for the rule of law, and human rights, active advocacy for international law, socioeconomic successes, previous experience as a Non-Permanent Member of the Security Council, all of which constitute an attestation of the country’s resolve to play an active role, as well as fully contribute to the work of the Security Council.

It noted that Ghana’s active involvement with the UN commenced from the period of decolonization of the African continent, during which Ghana used the UN as a platform to advocate for freedom from colonialism, and to formulate joint African positions.

In reiterated that 64 years thereon, the continent had transformed significantly, and Ghana continues to play an active role in the continent’s advancement.

The document said in line with her commitment to multilateralism, Ghana since 8th March, 1957, had consistently pursued balanced and principled positions on a wide range of issues on the agenda of the UN, guided by the principles and objectives of the UN.

“Ghana’s commitment to the promotion of international peace and security, is demonstrated by her continuous contributions to UN Peacekeeping Operations, starting from the Congo in the 1960s to the present,” it said.

“Currently, Ghana is ranked 10th among the top UN troop-contributing countries and its security personnel are highly respected for their professionalism.”

With regards to Ghana’s vision as a Non-Permanent Member of the UNSC, the document noted that Ghana was committed to the critical agenda of conflict prevention, post-conflict reconstruction, and multilateralism at heart of the UN peace and security agenda.

It said this should naturally include appropriate measures for early warning of emerging crises, and bringing the three pillars of the UN together in early warning, analysis and planning to prevent the outbreak, escalation, recurrence or continuation of conflict.

It said Ghana would bring her perspectives, influence and experience in sustainable development, peace and security and the promotion of human rights in advancing the work of the UNSC, especially at a time when the UN was mobilizing all Member States towards combating COVID-19 pandemic.

It recounted that Ghana had recently obliged to play a supportive role in an internationally coordinated response to the pandemic, adding that having undertaken a similar assignment during the outbreak of the Ebola Virus in 2014.

It said Ghana would seek to contribute effectively to addressing the security implications of health pandemics and to champion multilateral approaches to combating the COVID-19 pandemic and recovering and building back better.

It intimated that Ghana would continue to advocate for the implementation of the actions recommended by the High-Level Independent Panel on Peace Operations, such as improved strategic planning with a strong focus on the primacy of politics, better force generation, enhanced safety and security, strengthened efforts to combat sexual exploitation and abuse, the continued development of performance standards and the comprehensive reform of the UN policing.

The document said Ghana would use her membership of the UNSC to address conflicts caused by environmental factors such as land degradation, desertification, drought and climate change.

Source: GNA

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