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Egg dealers unhappy with price increase by food vendors and retailers

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Egg dealers are unhappy with price increase by food vendors, hawkers and retailers in the Sunyani Municipality.

In a market survey interview with the Ghana News agency (GNA) at the Sunyani Central Business District (CBD), the dealers said that the price of eggs have been stable for some time, and that food vendors and hawkers had no justification to increase the price.

The price of a crate of eggs has reduced drastically from between GH¢16 and GH¢24 in Christmas last year to GH¢11 and GH¢17, depending on the sizes, Ms Agartha Benewaa, a wholesaler told the GNA.

“The reduction in prices is as a result of low patronage of eggs for some months now. Egg producers have not increased the prices”, she said, adding “it’s unacceptable for food vendors and hawkers to sell an egg at GH¢1”.

Ms Hannah Adjei, a popular egg dealer at the CBD noted that because of the high price, many people preferred to buy eggs from poultry farms, and that was affecting their businesses.

She reminded consumers that the market price of eggs remained unchanged and advised them to always buy them from the dealers or the markets.

Source: GNA

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