Soldiers beat up members of Coalition of La Youth Associations

Scores of soldiers on Thursday assaulted members of the Coalition of La Youth Associations over the Kpletso lands when the group entered a piece of land they claimed has been released to them by government.

These lands are behind Tsa Addo towards Airport Hills and close to the New Military Cemetery in Accra.

The Coalition members, holding placards, proceeded to the land after a press conference to announce the repossession of their land from the military.

There was heavy military presence and few policemen on the land when the media and the Coalition arrived.

The military began brutalizing the Collation members after a misunderstanding ensued between them, driving them from the land as Journalists around were also molested.

Some of the members of the coalition sustained various degrees of injury with some bleeding profusely as a result.

Mr Jeffrey Tetteh, spokesperson for the Coalition said, “It has become very necessary for us to do this exercise today because we have realised that against all warnings, the military is still developing the land government had released to us on November 27, 2020.”

However, he said the military had vowed to resist them and ensured that they did not get access to the land and that all efforts to get their lands had proved futile.

He said when they were preparing to go the land, the police had been deployed to prevent them from getting onto the land.

“We are beginning to realise a trend that some politicians are using the security personnel to intimidate us to ensure that their cronies take the land, they are suppressing us in an era of democracy; we are not intimidated by the use of the military personnel and we will resist them with the last drop of our blood,” he said.

Source: GNA

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