Police says Ghanaians must adhere to Public Order Act

The Chief Superintendent of Police, Michael Amoako Boateng, District Commander, Ghana Police Service, Tema Community One, has advised the public to organise their special events in accordance with the Public Order Act to avoid court injunctions.

He said the public ought to at all times abide strictly by the Public Order Act, Act 491, which require persons desiring to hold special events to notify the Police of their intention not less than five days before the date of the special event.

Chief Supt Boateng gave the advice at a sensitisation programme organised by the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), with support from the United National Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)and the Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) at Tema.

The programme, which sought to educate the youth on peaceful coexistence, was on the theme: “Youth Activists on Peace and Tolerance”.

The Police Commander said, any person with the intention of holding any special event should notify the police of their intention not less than five days before the day of special event.

He said the intention should be in writing and signed by the organizer of the event; “The organizer should specify the nature of event, time of commencement, proposed root and destination of the event and time of closure of the event in the writing.

“The notification shall be submitted to a police officer not low in rank of an Assistant Superintendent of Police or the police officer nearest to the place of the event”.

He noted that, if the event was being held outside the city, where there was no officer there, then the station officer must be informed and subsequently relay the message to his or her superiors.

He added that, if the officer identified reasonable grounds to believe the special event could lead to violence or endanger public health, public safety or violate the rights and freedoms of other persons, he could request the organizer to postpone or relocate the event.

He said the request of organizers to postpone or relocate the event shall be within 48 hours to notify the police in writing of their willingness to comply.

“Where the organiser refuses to comply as required, an application may be made by the police with any charge for an order to withhold the event on the proposed date or location,” he said.

He added that, at any special event, any damage caused to any public property, the organizer or any other person found to be responsible for the damage shall be held liable to pay for the damage caused.

He advised the public to be cautious whenever such special events such as demonstrations, street carnivals were held to avoid destroying public property.

Mr Isaac Kwame Antwi, NCCE Tema Metropolitan Director called on the public to respect the tenets of the 1992 Constitution and the fundamental human rights of each other.

Source: GNA

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