Dairy consumers warned over zoonotic TB

Dr Gloria Ivy Mensah

Consumers of Dairy Foods and Beverages have been cautioned over the possibility of contracting the Fatal Tuberculosis disease from the consumption of unwholesome products.

Dr Gloria Ivy Mensah, Research Fellow, Department of Bacteriology, Nugucci Memorial Institute of Medical Research also warned people who work with cattle, saying they could contract the Bovine Tuberculosis if unprotected.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Ashiaman near Tema Dr Mensah disclosed that herdsmen and butchers risked contracting the bovine TB which when transmitted to human is known as zoonotic Tuberculosis.

Zoonotic TB is a form of tuberculosis in people caused by Mycobacterium bovis, which belongs to the M. tuberculosis complex. Cattle are the most important animal reservoir for M. bovis in relation to zoonotic exposure of humans, but the disease can affect many other species and become established in wildlife reservoirs.

Zoonotic TB poses special challenges for patient treatment and recovery. The advanced laboratory tools required to diagnose M. bovis are frequently unavailable. M. bovis is inherently resistant to pyrazinamide, one of the essential first-line medications used to treat TB.

Dr Mensah explained that the major means of transmission by the general public was through consumption of contaminated product and warned the public against consumption products such as Bukina prepared with raw milk.

She said the causative organism of the bovine TB which was the micro bacterium bovis which could be found in goats and in sheep as well adding that they were predominant in cattle hence the focus on cattle products.

The Research Fellow also mentioned that, meat consumers must be sure of the source of the meat they purchased and should ensure it was well cooked before consumption.

She called on the citizens to take their health issues seriously by avoiding dairy products from an unknown source.

Source: GNA

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