Mafioso arrested in the Caribbean with the help of cooking videos

Italian police have tracked down a wanted ‘Ndrangheta mafioso in the Caribbean with the help of his cooking videos uploaded to YouTube.

The man had been wanted on a warrant for drug trafficking since 2014, police said on Monday. He had absconded to the Dominican Republic, where he was known only as Marc.

In everyday life, he had been careful about where he moved and had been like a ghost for the investigators, police added.

However, according to the investigators, he had set up a YouTube channel for Italian food with his wife, on which they had posted many cooking videos.

His face was never visible there, but the police recognized him from his tattoos.

“The love of Italian cuisine made it possible to follow the traces left behind on the internet and social media,” the police added in their statement.

Last Wednesday, authorities in the Dominican Republic had finally arrested him in an Interpol operation. He landed with a plane at Milan airport on Monday.

Source: GNA

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