Veterinary Officer cautions meat consumers to look out for certified stamps

Dr. Emmanuel Kwao Pecku, Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Veterinary Officer has cautioned residents to look out for certified stamps by the Veterinary Services of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture before buying.

This, he explained would prevent them for consuming unwholesome meat at various locations and that the meat had gone through thorough examinations and approved for consumption.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Kpone near Tema on Monday, the Municipal Veterinary Officer explained that, inspections conducted on meat from the Ashaiman Abattoir and the Accra Abattoir indicated that some were infected with Bovine Tuberculosis.

He said Bovine Tuberculosis could be fatal to unsuspected consumers, stressing that on the average, six cases of suspected Bovine TB were identified in the cattle every month at the various slaughter houses.

According to the Veterinary Officer, consumers of meat should look out for certified meat by the Veterinary Unit when they visit the market to purchase their preferred meats.

Dr. Pecku also explained that, the Ashaiman Abattoir urgently needed a face lift to ensure that processed meat from the slaughter house were safe for consumption.

He warned that the way carcasses were placed on the floor could also trigger the surge in the Zoonotic Tuberculosis and cautioned livestock farmers and meat sellers to be careful in their daily handling of meat.

Source: GNA

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