Watch what you say of your Country – Archbishop Duncan-Williams


The Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, Founder Action Chapel International on Sunday urged Ghanaians to watch what they say of the country because it had the potency to build or destroy.

He said the words spoken by ‘men’ carried power to make or unmake and must make a conscious effort to speak positively to encourage each other in challenging times as the world fights a pandemic.

Speaking on the theme; “Your Words Matter”, at the Prayer Cathedral on Sunday said “we live in a time where the enemy is throwing many things at us as a nation and a people for us to loose ourselves because we are different”.

He said “we should not allow situations to push us to speak ill of our leaders, nation, churches and institutions because such negative words had detrimental circumstances on nation building”.

The Archbishop said life and death lied in the power of the tongue adding that God created the World with His words, hence we should use our words to create than to foster conflicts in homes, communities, institutions and the Nation at large.

“What you say determines your environment,” he said.

He said we must understand that all were mandated to join in nation building and not only leave it to the leadership of institutions, churches or communities.

Source: GNA

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