Denmark plans digital vaccine passport

Denmark said on Wednesday it plans to develop a digital coronavirus passport to allow foreign travel and re-open society.

The passport would allow Danes to document that they have been vaccinated against Covid-19 for business and other trips abroad, the Finance Ministry said.

Representatives from the confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Chamber of Commerce and the cultural sector were invited as part of the project.

Under the plan, people would be able to log on to a website and check their Covid-19 immunization status from the end of February.

The development of a digital passport and an app would likely take another three to four months.

For several months it has been possible for Danes to display and print a document stating that they have recently tested negative for the virus.

“It is absolutely crucial for us to be able to restart Danish society and that companies can get back on track. Many Danish companies are global companies,” said Morten Bodskov, the country’s acting finance minister.

“This is light at the end of the tunnel for very many companies,” said Brian Mikkelsen, the head of the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

The passport could possibly be used by people wishing to visit restaurants, conferences, music festivals and sports events.

Many sections of Danish society remain closed until February 28, although pharmacies, grocery stores and supermarkets are still open.

Bars, cafes and restaurants across the whole country are limited to takeaway offers.

As of January 29, about 184,000 people in the country of 5.8 million have received their first vaccination dose.

Source: GNA

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