It is illegal to pay public funds into individual accounts – Barrister

Mr Kwaku Gyimah Kye, a lawyer with the Oboyang Chambers says it is unlawful for state enterprises to pay public funds into an individual account.

He described the situation as one with the tendency to cause financial lost to the state in the event that the party in question failed to disburse the monies to affected parties or individuals involved.

The Lawyer was educating on the transfer of six million cedis and five hundred thousand cedis allegedly paid separately into the private account of Nana Kofi Abuna V, chief of Essipun after Ghana Gas Company Limited and GridCo as compensation for affected families and individuals.

It will be recalled that, between 2018 and 2019, the two companies undertook some infrastructure development in the area which affected properties of some community members and the Essipun stool.

Residents and some stool members contend that the Chief had since refused to pay their portions of compensation igniting family and community feud.

Meanwhile, the Lawyer said the two companies might have done a great disservice to the country for placing millions of the taxpayers monies at risk.

He said, “Ideally, this is against corporate funds transfer and even banking principles especially when the transaction has more the one party involved”.

Source: GNA

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