Institute of Chartered Accountants holds Accredited Certification Programme

The International Public Sector Accounting Standard (IPSAS) will hold an accredited certification programme in Accra on January 20th to provide virtual hands-on training for accounting officers in the public sector.

The accredited certification programme would be organized through the Controller and Accountant-General’s Department in collaboration with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICAG).

Dr Edward Boateng, Deputy Controller and Accountant General in a statement to the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Tuesday said the training would provide employers and all stakeholders involved a wide range of benefits that would add value to their work.

Accoring to the statement, the training would enhance staff retention and grant them personal development, increase productivity and improve the quality of work.

The IPSAS is a set of accounting standards issued by the IPSAS Board for use by public sector organizations around the world in the preparation of financial statements.

These standards are based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

IPSAS aims to improve the quality of general purpose financial reporting by public sector entities which leads to a well-informed assessment of the resource allocation decisions made by governments which increases transparency and accountability.

Source: GNA

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