Ghana Black Stars continue to fight for African Cup of Nations slot

Dede Ayew

Despite the loss against Sudan, there is still time for the national team of Ghana to qualify for Cup of Nations final. But with several injuries as well as other changes happening could they go all the way? In this article, we will be providing you with all the information that you need at this time.

Performance of the Ghana national team

With the qualification rounds underway for the upcoming African Cup tournament, the performance of the Ghana side has been under the microscope. With several games already played and a set back against Sudan in the qualifiers, the team has come back fighting to show that they are more than capable of winning games when they need to the most. Along with this fighting spirit, comes brand new and exciting talent coming through with the likes of Andre Ayew and Mubarak Wakaso. With these players making amazing strides at club level, it is possible for this will extend into the international gameplay.

Despite the African Cup of nations being postponed at this time, the national team players are continuing to play at their clubs level. This is great for a majority of these stars as this will provide them with the experience that they need to come back even stronger when it comes to working coherently as a team in the home and away fixtures throughout the tournament.

COVID-19 and the impact on the African Cup of Nations

Much like a number of major sporting events scheduled to begin this year the African Cup of Nations has been pushed back from beginning in November of 2021 until January of 2022. With both events taking place in Cameroon and infection rates still climbing across the world, the impact of the pandemic has been devastating. Not only has this affected the teams that are set to take part, but this has also had a significant impact on stakeholder as well as those that had forms of income coming from this sporting competition. With a meeting scheduled over Zoom, the stakeholders determined that the issue of safety was too much to risk at this time moving the tournament to two years.

However, in a year with so much halted, you would think that sports betting would have taken a hit when it comes to annual turnover and monthly users. However, with many adapting to online betting and some even providing virtual events, the return of live sporting events such as the cup of nations and the J league are only adding to the growth of some of the bookmakers at this time. With the ability to place bets online in Ghana for a wide range of events with several different elements, this is a promising start for the expansion of sports betting in the country as well as the experience that customers will have.

Ghana in the knockout stages

During the knockout stages of this tournament played in November, the team was playing without the captain Andre Ayew due to an injury. All the team needed in order to make it through to the next stage is a draw, however, they were unable to achieve this. With a loss to Sudan of just 1-0 this meant that the team will have to wait to see if they can qualify for the next round.

In addition to meaning that they have to wait, to find out if they have qualified, the team will also stay on nine points in their group, this gives them the added pressure of being level with South Africa as Sudan edge ever closer with a total of six. This means that all three of these outstanding teams are still looking for that all-important place in the finals to show that they are the best in Group C and even go on to win the competition in 2022.

Whether you have been following the league for a while now, or you are new to the African Cup of Nations and are looking to tune in when it starts in 2022, there are several aspects that you can get excited about in 2020. Will you be tuning in?

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