German arms exports to the Middle East worth over a billion euros in 2020

The German government has approved arms exports worth more than a billion euros in 2020 to countries involved in conflict in Yemen and Libya.

For Egypt alone, exports of weapons and military equipment worth 752 million euros (913 million dollars) had been approved by December 17, according to a response from the Economics Ministry to a question from Bundestag member Omid Nouripour, seen by dpa.

Permission to supply arms to Qatar (305.1 million euros), the United Arab Emirates (51.3 million), Kuwait (23.4 million) and Turkey (22.9 million) was also granted.

Licenses were granted to Jordan (1.7 million) and Bahrain (1.5 million). The amounts total 1.16 billion euros, according to the ministry.

All of the above countries play a role in either or both of the years-long conflicts in Yemen and Libya.

In Yemen, a Saudi Arabia-led alliance is fighting Iran-backed Houthi rebels alongside the government. The alliance includes the UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan and Bahrain

In the Libyan conflict, Qatar and Turkey are intervening on the side of the internationally recognized government of Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj in Tripoli.

On the other hand General Khalifa Haftar is supported by the UAE and Egypt. Currently, there is a cease-fire in Libya and hope for peace.

Source: GNA

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