Martin Amidu shouldn’t have surrendered – Occupy Ghana

Martin Amidu

Occupy Ghana, a social and political non-partisan pressure group, says it expected the former Special Prosecutor, Mr Martin Amidu, to have asserted his independence and not surrender to the executive.

“While the Constitution or statute may ‘give complete independence from government’, we expect that the persons appointed to those offices would also assert that independence whenever it is challenged.

“Without that, the legal provisions that grant independence would be surrendered to government control, and Ghana would be the ultimate loser for it,” the Group said in a press release on the resignation of the Special Prosecutor and subsequent acceptance of his resignation by the President.

It said the purpose behind independent institutions under the law was to preclude the exercise of arbitrary power and that it expected friction but it was important for each office holder to hold its ground so that in a healthy equilibrium, Ghanaians would be protected from “undue government authority.”

The group said it was happy when Mr Amidu, based on his “impeccable credentials” was nominated, vetted and appointed to the position and disappointed in both his resignation and subsequent acceptance of his resignation, which it said, “make it impossible for the decisions to be rescinded.”

Source: GNA

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