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Is technology making us more productive?

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The face of business seems to be changing all the time. Right now, the extensive use of tech is fuelling it like never before. Humans appear to have come a long way when you look back to the Industrial Revolution, where labourers attempted to try and reject machines because they were worried that they would become displayed. Nowadays however, corporations appear to be relying on these gadgets and tools in an attempt to maximise the amount of productivity they are getting from their team. Want to find out more? Carry on reading.


Employee training and learning is one of the many facets of a businesses’ organisation. It has been pointed out in the past that so many professionals are now trying to make use of tech when it comes to employee training. Researchers have found that billions of dollars are being spent on training new employees, but only 90% of them are not able to withhold the information they are being told.  Classroom sessions are not sustaining the interest that employees have, and it is not an effective system overall. Blended learning appears to be the way to go as it is far more interactive and it is also much more engaging. With the use of technology increasing all the time, it’s safe to say that it has never been easier to reinforce what people truly need from their learning experience.


Team meetings have lost their purpose. Communication online is the way forward. If you visit any casino UK,  you will soon find that they have an online communication option most of the time. You can message the casino through email or live chat, and they can respond through the same method. This has rocketed the potential of the industry as a whole and it has also made it possible to bolster a whole new wave of games and entertainment. With 71% of people admitting that most face to face encounters tend to be a waste of time, it’s safe to say that communication is the one area that is increasing more and more by the day.


Having a reliable and stable amount of access to information is very important in the world of business. Technology is helping people to operate much more efficiently and this all comes down to having a good connection. If you have an angry customer at the end of the line and you cannot tell them the information you need to know, purely because you don’t have access to it then this won’t be doing you any favours. With the rise of 5G and other forms of Internet connection on the other hand, this has made it more than possible for people to get the access they need to data, not to mention that it also benefits the customer experience overall.

All of this information points to the fact that tech is in fact making us more productive. It’s helping us to go that extra mile in business, and it’s also fuelling a positive amount of change.

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