Top business ideas and investment opportunities in Ghana

In the course of the last 20 years, Ghana has marked a progressive and steady popularity-based administration. Governmental rules and processes have improved the effectiveness of public institutions. Moreover, this enhanced the confidence of investors to consider Ghana as their destination for doing business, creating a positive environment for growth.

These days, Ghana does not only represent a business capital in West Africa it is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world according to the World Bank’s reports. Its oil reserves have proven to be a great asset to the small and medium enterprise economies. The key industry sectors of this country are agriculture, where almost 1/4th of the GDP is generated, followed by financial services and construction in both urban and rural areas. For these reasons, Ghana has become quite attractive to investors. Here’s a glimpse at some of the regions’ best business opportunities for this year:

Knowledge platform for farmers

As mentioned previously, Ghana’s economy is mostly dominated by agriculture. Startups and software solution companies are keen on developing apps where farmers and stakeholders related to farming and agriculture can drop their questions and concerns, relate to different aspects of agriculture, so experts and agriculture consultants can answer accordingly or provide guidance.

Moreover, this move is a great potential to develop a community where members can discuss different aspects, products and challenges. Since this industry dominates the market, such a solution will leave a mark and bring value in the long run.

Game development and online/offline payment providers

Since the e-commerce market is on the rise in Ghana, there is a greater demand for platforms that handle online transactions. Investing in such a feature will be of great benefit, while also offering an opportunity for market expansion. You might be wondering why offline payments are required when there are plenty of online transaction services. There are many situations when one needs to transfer or receive funds and there’s no option for the online transaction. Here, offline services can help a lot. Moreover, the reach could potentially be much wider if both online and offline services are combined.

The rise and growth of the gaming industry generated an interest to broaden the spectre of gaming entertainment. Let’s analyse the progressive development of the casino gaming industry in particular. Land-based venues and online platforms note an impressive spike in popularity and audience engagement. This trend has brought about the need to adopt structured regulations and regulatory bodies that will ensure parties seamless collaboration while contributing to community growth. Currently, they look at a few models for regulating the processes, including the UK’s example for handling the online casino gaming market. Have a look at the selection of top-rated casino providers, games and online casino bonuses at SlotsWise, so you can get the impression how much this industry has progressed over the years.

 Real estate search engines and wellness services

People and investors are looking for the best real estate opportunities in Ghana, and an app similar to Booking or TripAdvisor could make a huge difference. People look for rentals, land for both short term and long-term stays. So, if you have an idea to build a platform and monetise it, it will help people search for properties, depending on their desired location.

The people in Ghana are very much into healthy lifestyle and great food. So, there’s always a need for a service where people will look for a better wellness service or commodities.

There’s high demand when it comes to services, and Ghana is still in need of many industry branches. Here are the education management-level facilities (healthcare, finance, administration, etc.) to meet the growing demand in the country’s private sector. ICT services also need to improve to meet the ever-increasing trend of private equities and businesses. A bigger boom in investments has the potential to stimulate economic growth, especially if they can relate to Ghana’s energy and mining potentials.

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