Nine vaccines at phase-three of clinical trials for COVID-19 treatment – Chinese official

Mr Zhu Jing, Charge d’Affaires of the Chinese Embassy, said the COVID-19 situation would soon improve as close to nine vaccines have entered phase-three of clinical trials for treatment.

He said that had been confirmed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and among the nine vaccines, four were from China.

The Chinese Government had already made it clear that China’s vaccines were being developed and deployed to make them accessible and affordable for developing countries, especially in Africa.

Mr Zhu said this during an exchange programme between the Ninth China Medical Team to Ghana from Guandong Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine and the Amen Scientific Herbal and Alternative Medical Hospital, in Accra.

The programme, organised by Duapa Africa, a social enterprise based in China and Ghana, formed part of activities to commemorate the Ghana-China Economic and Culture Week celebration.

He said the medical exchange was special due to the COVID-19 pandemic as Ghana and China worked hand in hand to support each other, when they were both at the heights of the pandemic.

“Ghana gave us a lot of support during the period when our country was hit hard by the pandemic, and at the time when Ghana also suffered from the virus and the Chinese Government sent large amounts of medical supplies to support Ghana,” he said.

Mr Zhu said China was the first country to send Ghana medical supplies and now both countries had made positive progress in the fight against the virus.

This year marked the 60th Anniversary of the diplomatic relations between China and Ghana, and both countries believed that, tested by the pandemic, they would even be stronger now than ever, he said.

“In the course of building an even stronger China –Ghana and Chine-Africa community with a shared future we can get more positive outcomes,” he said.

Mr Zhu expressed the hope that the exchange and the communication between the two countries in medical and health services would help deepen their understanding, enhance friendship and promote better development.

Dr Yongyong Shi, Leader of the China Medical Team, said Ghana had achieved good results with the pandemic but because Europe had developed a second wave, all hands must be on deck to prevent a second wave in the country.

“Our medical team has already provided various support and was actively providing medical services to the Ghanaian people to assist the local hospitals,” he said

Dr Yongyong said promoting communication between the two countries and improving their ability to prevent a pandemic like the COVID-19 was key and, as members of a medical team from a hospital of Chinese medicine, they would do their best to provide high quality services to the people of Ghana.

Dr Sheikh Amen Bonsu, the Chief Executive Officer, Amen Scientific Hospital, said the exchange programme would enhance knowledge sharing on health-related conditions and highlight the use of traditional medicine in treating various disease conditions.

He commended government for the efforts in fighting the covid-19 by putting in place effective policies to ensure the safety of the people, which had been lauded as one of the best in Africa.

“We recognise government’s support for the herbal and alternative health sector and commend the Ninth China Medical Team to Ghana for coming to share their knowledge on health related conditions and for the good work they are doing for China, Ghana and the rest of the world,” he said.

Mr Musah Frimpong, Founder of Duapa Africa, expressed optimism that the exchange programme would help build a stronger and lasting cooperation between both countries.

He noted that the Week celebration had brought several stakeholders from both countries together to share ideas and experiences, which would help strengthen the bilateral ties.

He said initiatives that sought to connect both countries at the people-to-people level must always be supported.

Source: GNA

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