PNC government will depoliticize state machinery – Dr Ayivor

The Peoples National Convention has described politicization of state machinery is a bane to national development and stressed that a PNC government will depoliticize state machinery for accelerated growth.

Pastor Dr Divine Ayivor, PNC Vice Presidential Candidate told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra that Election 2020 offers Ghanaian opportunity to vote for PNC to rejuvenate state machinery for fast-tracked holistic national development.

He said both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for political gains have created a state of “we against them system,” now public and civil servants put up their best depending who is in government.

Dr Ayivor said it is sad and dangerous for the security services also to be politicised as some politicians boost of helping in the recruitment of personnel into some security services which are supposed to be neutral from political manipulation.

He said the ills of the NPP and NDC has even forced traditional authorities, civil society organisations, religious leaders and even our national football teams to become hot political playground; “NPP and NDC are destroying the foundation of the state called Ghana, we must vote them out to save the nation”.

“We cannot run a state based on the political colour one represents, Ghanaians deserve better than what the two parties have offered over the years and the Ghanaian electorates must vote for PNC for a change of national governance.

“Election 2020 is the moment to send the strongest signal to both NPP and NDC that we have had enough of divisive politics, we have had enough of political thugs victimizing opponents, we have had enough of corruption and we have had enough of create loot, and share politics,” Pastor Ayivor, an ardent Adventist stated.

He said a Government formed under PNC Presidential Candidate Mr David Apasera would create equal opportunities for all Ghanaians stressing that under both NPP and NDC governments, opportunities in most sectors of the country were based on partisan lines.

“If you are not a member of any of the two parties you are denied opportunities especially in terms of jobs and even promotion. A PNC government will offer equal opportunities for all based only on merits, and without discrimination,” Dr Ayivor stated.

He described Mr. Apasera, who is a former PNC Member of Parliament for the Bolgatanga Central Constituency as a man of integrity, competent and trustworthy individual who loves the country and is committed to provide new leadership.

Dr Ayivor, therefore, urged Ghanaians to vote the PNC Leader who stands for peace, to offer humane policies and a selfless and dedicated leadership with the ability to unite and transform the economy for accelerated growth.

“We need peace, for development; the PNC leadership has the capability of eliminating Intra and inter-party antagonism, a disposition essential to attract investors into the country for economic emancipation,” the PNC Vice Presidential Candidate stated.

He stressed: “The PNC Presidential ticket stands out among the lot as the most affable, with an unblemished reputation both in private and in public life”.

Dr Ayivor also appealed to other political stakeholders to help reduce inter-party antagonism, bickering and any negative tendencies that had the potential of derailing the nation’s quest to build a solid democratic state.

He appealed to the electorate that the time for redemption of Ghana was now, saying, “We must use Election 2020 to democratically change our political leadership for accelerated growth.

“I share the difficulties that most Ghanaians are going through now, but I pray that you maintain your composure and vote for the right party, PNC, and not to sacrifice the permanent on the altar of the immediate. You must consider the future of the nation.

“Who among the lot has the capacity and capabilities to rule the country to bring accelerated human-centred development, don’t look at the colour of your party, look at the future of Ghana and vote massively for the PNC”.

Source: GNA

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