Registration Review Committee disqualifies Assemblyman

The District Registration Review Committee (DRRC) has disqualified Anthony Ayitey, the Assemblyman for Kwame Akura West Electoral Area in the Krachi East Constituency of the Oti Region, for alleged provision of false information during the voter registration process.

By this verdict, Ayitey would not participate in the forthcoming general elections.

The DRRC is made up of representatives of political parties, Ghana Education Service, Ghana Police Service, traditional leaders and the Electoral Commission and the deal with issues concerning the registration exercise.

Mr Ayitey, a resident of Tumponja under Krachi Nchumuru District, had his eligibility challenged by Mr Kingsley Okonengye, a party agent of the New Patriotic Party, when he went to the Krachi East Constituency to register.

Mr Bebako Mensah, the Chairman of the Committee, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the Assemblyman in an attempt to prove his eligibility took members of the Committee to a residential address he provided at Dambai “Canna,” which turned out to be false as nobody knew him at such an address.

By the electoral laws, one can only be registered when he or she resided in a particular community over twelve months and nothing fewer warrants disqualification.

Ayitey conceded the disqualification when contacted by the GNA and admitted he was challenged for unlawful registration and consequently banned.

Source: GNA

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