Police alarmed at attacks on people after transactions at banks

The Ashanti Regional Police Command has asked the public to be cautious after transactions at the banks in order not to fall prey to criminals.

The Regional Command said it is alarmed over the increasing spate of attacks and robberies on people, who withdraw money from banks and other financial institutions, in the Kumasi metropolis.

A statement signed by Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Mr Godwin Ahianyo, Ashanti Regional Police Public Relations, said criminals, who used motorbikes, had in recent times targeted people who withdraw money from the banks.

The statement said the criminals trail their unsuspecting victims from the bank and rob them of their monies at the least opportunity.

Some of the criminals kill their victims who tried to resist the attacks.

The statement advised the public, particularly those who go to withdraw huge sums of money from financial institutions, to take precautionary measures in order not to fall prey to the activities of these criminals.

It also advised the public to resort to the use of electronic transfers and transactions if possible, or seek Police escort when they wanted to carry huge sums of money.

Again, people should be mindful of those they communicate with about banking transactions.

The statement urged people who drive or ride in motorbikes to always watch their backs to see the people behind them.

They should make brief stops at petrol filling or police stations if they suspect someone was tracking them.

The statement also entreated banks to mount security cameras at their premises and monitor them around the clock, to help check and identify suspicious characters in and around their premises.

Source: GNA

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