Monetization of democracy dangerous – Ntim Agyarko

Mr Seth Ntim Agyarko, Chairman and Founder of Sankofa Ghana Movement, a pressure group in Kumasi, has expressed concern about the use of money to influence votes in the country.

He said the current situation, where people were spending huge sums of money to obtain political power was not only undermining the country’s democratic dispensation, but also depriving the country the right caliber of people to serve and promote the speedy development of the nation.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Kumasi, Mr Agyarko blamed the two main political parties in the country-NPP and NDC for perpetuating what he called “Monecracy” in their internal elections.

He said the path taken by the political parties and which seemed to become a norm in the country’s politics was dangerous and if care was not taken, the country’s democracy would be sold to the highest bidder.

Mr Agyarko stressed the need for all Ghanaians to come together to fight the “auctioning of political power”, which was gradually affecting the performance of the country’s legislative arm of government.

He pointed out that the loud silence about this behaviour of political parties and their candidates was an indication that Ghanaians supported mediocrity.

Mr Agyarko stressed the need for all the smaller political parties to come together to form a united party to challenge and prevent NPP and NDC from taking over the country and rule it according to their whims and caprices.

Source: GNA

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