Some staff of Tema General Hospital threaten to leave post for no information on infected colleague

Some staff of the Tema General Hospital (TGH) are threatening to abandon post as management conceals information on colleagues who have tested positive to COVID-19.

The Tema General Hospital is one of the designated national treatment centres for the coronavirus.

According to the aggrieved workers, management of the hospital was endangering their lives because they were concealing information on their colleagues who had tested positive.

They indicated that they were not told by management of the incident but were rather instructed to go and take the corona test without any explanations.

They disclosed that they heard that a doctor at the unit tested positive, but management failed to inform them even though they encouraged them to test, after which another person tested positive.

“Due to the nature of our work we had cross contamination and almost everyone was a contact, more than half of the nurses and doctors are currently under quarantine,” they indicated.

They intimated that even though management was aware that they had been exposed to the virus, they did not inform them only for them to see the pediatric unit shut down.

The workers indicated that there was a lot of tension and anxiety at the hospital as they had been deprived of the needed information which they said would aid them during contact tracing.

They questioned why the hospital did not have a designated place for quarantining staff with suspected cases as it is being done at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital but rather asking them to do so at home, a situation they said could lead to contamination of families and homes.

Meanwhile, the pediatric unit that was shut down was disinfected on Thursday.

Source: GNA

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