China urged to share COVID-19 experience

China has been urged to share its experience on how it managed to confront and subdue the coronavirus outbreak with Ghana, and the rest of the world,

This is crucial to achieving the complete eradication of the virus, which has been declared by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a global pandemic.

Dr. Benjamin Anyagre, General Secretary of the Ghana China Friendship Association(GHACHIFA), told the Ghana News Agency in an interview on Wednesday, that while China was taken by surprise, by the virus and suffered greatly as a result, there were almost “zero” cases of new infections of the virus in China.

He said this was the result of the accuracy and high sense of urgency with which the Chinese government tackled the outbreak.

“Whilst China constructed 15 temporary hospitals with 8,000 health workers to combat the disease, they have all been closed and local authorities have announced that commerce and industrial activities would resume, with non-essential services to restart,” Dr. Anyagre said.

He said it was worth noting that China achieved this through strong leadership, discipline and the dedication of a people towards achieving a national cause for the common good.

Dr. Anyagre said it was also backed with the needed logistical and technical services, effective mass education among a number of measures.

The GHACHIFA General Secretary said what Ghana and the world needed most at this moment, was a united and collaborative approach towards eradicating the virus, and not a blame game scenario that sought to make it appear as though a particular group of people were to be blamed for the pandemic.

“The term Chinese virus indicates a xenophobic attack on a particular race and it is against the United Nation charter on Human Rights,” he said.

Dr. Angare said the World Health Organization (WHO) recently condemned such negative name tagging observing that throughout history, such outbreaks occurred with varied origins, but no country or people was ever tagged, adding that it was impossible to tell ahead of time, what negativity might originate from which territory.

He urged Ghanaians to desist from such xenophobic behaviour and bear in mind, that it was a world of uncertainty, where it paid to be courteous and respectful towards each other.

He commended all health workers in the country for risking their lives to contain and fight off the pandemic, and urged all members of the public to adhere to all the precautionary measures that were spelt out by the country’s authorities, in order to help fight off the pandemic.

Source: GNA

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