COVID-19: Ghana Muslim Mission suspends all activities

The National Executive Committee of the Ghana Muslim Mission (GMM) has directed all regions, districts, branches and wings of the mission to suspend all activities including; general mass meetings, branch meeting, executive meetings, seminars, conferences and weddings until further notice.
The order follows the directive of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo banning all public gatherings.

A statement issued to the Ghana News Agency on Wednesday said in view of the current global pandemic COVlD-l9, which has taken a toll on the world, affecting a number of countries with the recent seven cases announced in Ghana, the GMM finds it necessary to abide by the Presidents directive.

This move, the statement indicated would help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the country and beyond.

“As a result, meetings and discussions will be on WhatsApp pages and other social media platforms. We entreat all regions to implement these directives swiftly and strictly.”

It entreated members not to panic, but rather trust in Allah, pray more against the pandemic and read the Quran, do more lstighfar, (seek forgiveness from Allah), practise good personal hygiene by washing hands with soap under running water, apply hand sanitizers with 99.9 per cent alcohol and ensure that the family especially children and the elderly also practised good hygiene.

“Provide hand sanitizers at our mosques especially at entrances and washrooms, avoid handshake, protect the face with a tissue when coughing or sneezing and dispose immediately in a dustbin, avoid touching the face, eyes and nose with your hands when not sanitized, eat well cooked warm and healthy food, avoid mass gatherings, drink water frequently.”

It urged members to gargle salty warm water if not hypertensive, eat more oranges for natural vitamin C, drink lime and warm water, boost their immune system with black seed and honey, avoid stress, have enough sleep and stay healthy, wash clothes frequently, dry under the sun and iron to kill the virus if infected.

It also urges them to kindly keep their distance if they suspect anyone with a COVID-19 symptom such as headache, runny nose, difficulty breathing, and high temperature and call the National COVID.19 emergency lines.

“We pray to Allah to save our families, our country Ghana, and the rest of the world especially Mecca and Medina from COVlD-19, May Allah be with us in these trying times.”

Source: GNA

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