Ghanaian entrepreneur steers rogue industry into compliance and profitability

Set-Up Industry,   a rubber sack producing industry, once owned by a group of Chinese investors, has become a model plant for energy efficiency, management and good labour practices.

Now owned by Mr Kwame Yeboah, a Ghanaian entrepreneur, the plant is concentrating on recycling and humane treatment of workers resulting in appreciable profit making and a congenial work environment.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Kpone near Tema, Mr Yeboah said he had a workforce of seventy people and that most of them were locals of Kpone.

“We decided to concentrate on  recycling of rubber sacks and other materials to reduce our carbon foot prints and also to generate more income and jobs ,”he said.

According to him, he had to cause many changes including re-wiring to the specifications of the Energy Commission and regularise reporting  to relevant  state agencies.

He said new market frontiers such as Northern Togo and Burkina Faso, had been reached and that he would continue to ensure that the company “upholds a positive image and build consumer trust.”

“We have pulled through the consequences of accidents which we inherited because we decided to do the right things by involving the relevant authorities which even resulted in a better physical and human environment rather than a public concern.

I am pretty aware of the fact that any successful business must  comply to safety,  fair wages, employee benefits, compensations, and employee protection  to create a positive environment in the work area,” he said.

Mr Yeboah said,” Employees are encouraged to work when they know that that they will be well compensated for their efforts and that they are safe within the business’ reach. ”

‘From my own personal experience, It pays to be  compliant since it will ensure that workers are satisfied  especially when complains or issues are monitored and addressed properly before they grow and affect the entire factory,” he said.

Source: GNA

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