Ghana government urged to intensify oil exploration in north of country

Mr Prince Bagnaba Mba, President of Forum for Equity, a, human rights organisation has called on government to intensify oil exploration in northern Ghana.

He said:” the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation, the Petroleum Commission, National Petroleum Authority should as a matter of economic priority intensify research and exploration activities in the northern zone, where there are high probability of hitting high yielding wells.”

Mr Mba who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency on the economic potentials of Northern Ghana said the exploration, would maximise the use of the black gold for economic growth and rapid development.

“Right from Yeji up to the Nangodi, Sandema axis, and the Bawku, Gambaga, Garu areas have data to indicate oil.

Mr Mba also appealed to northern politicians to be conscious of their humble backgrounds and be proactive about issues of economic relevance for the improvement of standards of living.

“Playing to the gallery on national issues, he said had not reflected in the well-being of the people they represented.

“No one will develop northern Ghana more than political leaders who believe in more in their parties than their constituents.

“Before you build in any remote part of Accra, think first of home.

Mr Mba called on all stakeholders in the petroleum industry to place their feet on the accelerator for commercial oil exploration and production that would create jobs and stop the north-south perennial drifts for non-existent jobs.

Source: GNA

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