Western Region Social Welfare Department can’t account for GH¢64,000

Questions are being asked at the Western Regional Directorate of the Social Welfare Department following failure of the Regional Director to account for over GH¢64,000 that was allocated to the Directorate in 2019.

Mr. Jonathan Djan Gyau, the Western Regional Director of the Social Welfare Department, is alleged to have embezzled the said amount which was part of payment of compensation made to the Directorate by the Ghana National Gas Company Limited (GNGC) last year.

Investigations show that GNGC paid a total of GH¢68,278 to the Western Regional Directorate of the Social Welfare Department in 2019 as compensation for the laying of gas pipelines to connect the Karpowership at the Sekondi Naval Base to ensure the flow of gas to the Karpowership.

The compensation was therefore in respect of the destruction of crops, some dilapidated structures and land at the premises of a Borstal Home in Sekondi which is owned by the Social Welfare Department.

However, our investigations show that GH¢64,980 out of the amount has been withdrawn by the Regional Director of the Department and has not been accounted for.

An audit report sighted by this reporter corroborates our investigations and makes damning findings against the Regional Director, Mr. Gyau.

The audit report dated May 26, 2019, by the Ghana Audit Service stated that; “The amount was paid into unapproved bank account with Ahantaman Rural Bank even though the Department has an account with Bank of Ghana.”

“An amount of GH¢64,980 was withdrawn from the unapproved bank account and spent without any expenditure records,” the report said.

“The Regional Director paid the money into the unapproved bank account as a result of his personal interest. All expenditure made from that account lack credibility,” the report added.

“We recommend that the total expenditure of GH¢64,980 should be disallowed and surcharged against the Regional Director,” it concluded.

When contacted, Mr. Gyau however denied expending the money for his personal interest.

He said his outfit paid a huge part of the money to an affected church which was situated at the premises of the Borstal Home.

Other payments, he said, also went to affected farmers who were cultivating on part of the land belonging to the Borstal Home.

He, however, could not produce documents to support his claims.

By Marlvin-James Dadzie

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