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Ghanaian AI framework gains acceptance into UNITU, WHO standardisation

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A Ghanaian Artificial Intelligence (AI) entity that specialises in the development of AI solutions for healthcare has its work on ‘Precision Evaluation’ included in the United Nations work.

The AI entity is added to the UN work on developing AI benchmarking standards for global health, technology bodies and AI developers.

The minoHealth AI Lab’s framework and evaluation platform would be an open source library for all sectors and beyond the health sector.

Mr Darlington Akogo, the Founder and Director of AI at GUDRA and its subsidiaries including; minoHealth AI Labs disclosed this to the Ghana News Agency in an interview.

“Institutions around the world would be able to contribute more features and ideas to the framework as it would be available in a public repository,” he said.

He added that with a technical committee, minoHealth AI Labs’ platform was assessed and included; in the output document and deliverables at a workshop on “AI for Health Standardised Assessment Framework-Handling and Assessment Methods.”

It was held at Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin, Germany, last week.

The workshop was under the auspices of the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) Focus Group on AI for Health (FG-AI4H).

He said minoHealth AI Lab developed AI systems with deep learning and convolutional neutral networks for automated diagnosis, forecasting and prognosis of many diseases including various cancers and chest conditions via medical imagery and other modalities.

The AI Lab has also researched into how AI could be used to improve and save lives, especially, when combined with other domains including; Biotechnology, Neuroscience, Optometry, Epidemiology, Dietetics/nutrition and oncology with its works being featured in scientific books, journals and conferences internationally.

UN ITU/WHO FG-AI4H is working with minoHealth AI Labs and other organisations around the world to establish a standardised assessment framework for the evaluation of AI-based methods for health, diagnosis, triage or treatment decisions.

As a follow up, minoHealth AI Labs is currently participating in the 8th ITU/WHO workshop and meeting on “Artificial Intelligence for Health.”

This is hosted by Pan-American Health Organisation (PAHO) between January 21-24 in Brasilia, Brazil, where Mr Akogo would lead a session on benchmarking and evaluation frameworks, standards and policies for AI solutions in Radiology.

This would also serve as a new topic group under the FG-AI4H.

Dr Akogo urged African healthcare organisations and facilities to participate and contribute to the topic group, saying: “AI is shaping the world, Africa is usually late to the table in adopting such emerging technologies and not involved in making decisions governing such exponential technologies.”

With this opportunity, African organisations can also be at the table as key stakeholders and decision makers as such important decisions are being made to globally govern the transformative 4th Industrial Revolution age and Artificial Intelligence in healthcare.”

Source: GNA

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