Kpando Fosi clan destools chief

The Fosi Clan of Kpando Dzoanti in the Volta Region has destooled Togbe Adzei III of the Clan for allegedly breaking his vows to the people.

Heads of four out of the five families making up the Clan converged at Baame in Kpando to perform rituals for the destoolment in the presence of Dikro Adera Abada V, Dikro of Dzoanti, and John Deh, Head of the Clan.

Also present was Mama Fosi III, Queenmother of the Clan, as well as leaders of the clan warriors, under the watch of the Municipal police.

Dikro Abada said Togbe Adzei had lost his right to summon, and said anyone caught paying him allegiance would be sanctioned.

“Adzei is no more chief for us. From now on no one must call him chief,” he said.

Mr Deh, the Clan Head, said Togbe Adzei was not “cooperating”, and had allegedly refused to honour meetings with clan members, and ignored several letters addressed to him.

He said Togbe Adzei had also allegedly refused to work with a Committee formed to look into the matter of his refusal to reconcile with the people by Togbe Adza Lokko VII, Chief of Dzoanti.

Gilbert Dzube, Asafoatse of Dzoanti, also said Togbe Adjei had lost the loyalty of warrior groups in the area.

“So we the Asafoatse, we do not recognize him as chief. We agree that he should be removed,” he added.

Others alleged that he had refused to heed advice, and did little to dignify the royal legacy of Fosi.

Togbe Adzei’s interest in the development of the clan and Dzoanti in general was said to be low, while some said he lacked leadership qualities and could not unite the clan.

Clan leaders told GNA relevant institutions and stakeholders would be notified soon of his removal.

A ram was slaughtered as part of rituals of Togbe Adzei’s destoolment.

The GNA was told that Togbe Adzei was not gazetted and that his enstoolment was only governed by customary law and not any statute.

Mr Emmanuel Hayibor, Registrar, Akpini Traditional Council, said the Council was expecting official communication on the destoolment.

Togbe Adzei, 62, who is from the Ekor family, ascended the throne in 1977.

When contacted for his version on the issue of the distoolment, he told the GNA that he was not affected by the destoolment because they (the people of Fosi) never recognized him for 35 years as chief and that he would take “legal and spiritual action,” against the destoolment.

Source: GNA

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