Ghanaians urged to keep 2020 elections free of party vigilantism

The Reverend Isaac Obed Asamoah, Senior Pastor of Gospel Faith Ministries, Accra, has pleaded with all political parties to ensure that the 2020 general election activities are devoid of political vigilantism to avoid its associated chaos.

He said the nation should learn from the past negative experiences of political party vigilantism and reduce such practices in the upcoming elections.

Preaching at a 31st All-night church service to usher in the year 2020, Rev Asamoah said all the political campaigns should be based purely on contest of ideas and not on insults and attacks on opponents.

They should refrain from politics of acrimony, backbiting, hatred and pull-him-down, he added.

He said the politicians should “tell the electorates, what they are capable of doing when given the mandate and ensure that they do it when they win to enable them win the trust of the people.

“What Ghanaians expect from their political leaders are jobs, economic transformation and a peaceful atmosphere and not a hostile and violent environment,” he said.

While thanking God for his protection over the country for the past year, he urged the citizenry to actively participate in the political processes and help reduce tension through engaging in a more civil conversation.

“All Ghanaians have a stake in the country and so we all have a role to play to safeguard the peace God has bestowed upon the nation,” he said.

Rev Asamoah urged all Christians and churches to continue to pray for sustainable peace in the nation.

He advised Christians to keep faith with God and put their trust in him for his continuous provision and substance in the New Year.

Source: GNA

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