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Africa Discount Card® – The new affordable way to visit Africa

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Africa discount card

If you are a regular traveller within or to Africa, you will no doubt be one of the millions of people who find that visiting Africa can be an expensive venture. From the cost of flights to accommodation and moving about, visiting any one of Africa’s 54 countries can indeed be a costly affair. Yet Africa has a great deal to offer the visitor who is looking for paradise on earth. At the right price, many people will visit at least one African country.

If they have a good experience there, this will encourage them to see more of the continent.  A positive experience in one African country can have a domino effect on all other African countries.

Meanwhile, outside Africa, gradually over the last few years, the interest in the continent and African products has been heightened, with many companies springing up in the Diaspora to serve those looking for a bit of Africa in their homeland, for example African clothes or food.

It is against this background and in the spirit of Pan-Africanism that African Discount Card Ltd., a UK based company owned by Ghanaians, have developed Africa Discount Card® in October 2019. Africa Discount Card® is the first and only card that links businesses in Africa and the Diaspora by giving cardholders a discount when they use the services or buy goods from partnering businesses.

The idea of Africa Discount Card® is thus to make buying from African owned businesses in the Diaspora and travel to Africa more affordable. For the domestic, regional and international traveler to Africa, Africa Discount Card® helps them save money by giving cardholders discounts on airfare, accommodation, vehicle rentals, dining out, going to bars and clubs, shopping, tours, beauty treatment, spas  and more. So far, the scheme has over 30 partners in Ghana, Rwanda, Nigeria, Tanzania and works in Uganda, Congo, Senegal, UK and with online partners based in the USA.

Africa Discount Card® is a game changer in Africa’s tourism as it will make Africa more affordable for more people, whether they are domestic tourists traveling within their own countries, residents of Africa traveling within the region or international travels visiting from outside Africa. For the traveller who values saving money, Africa Discount Card® is the perfect tourism service they need. Africa Discount Card® is currently only sold to the individual and can be purchased via www.africadiscountcard.com

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