Police without media is like soup without onion – Commander

The Ada Divisional Police Commander Chief Superintendent Andrews George Kumah at the weekend lauded the collaboration between the Police and the media saying “the media brings what the Police do to a limelight”.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Kasseh Ada in the Greater Accra Region, Chief Supt. Kumah said the media had projected the work of the Police to a broader daylight.

“I will thank the media for a wonderful job trying to bring what we are doing to the limelight. Without the media, it’s like preparing a soup without Onion. Nobody savours the aroma. With the media bringing information and education, the public know what we are doing and that is the best way of collaboration,” he said.

He said, the public had to exercise patience with Police work in terms of prosecuting a suspect saying, “We have been trained as professionals and at times, the people want quick results and those results take time before they come. We need to gather intelligence before we can succeed so we are pleading with them even though it’s very difficult to understand the need for us to go through due process”.

He appealed to the public to assist the Police with information adding “we need the cooperation of the public as we gather intelligence, to confront criminals in our society “.

Source: GNA

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