LPG government to build Marijuana factories

The Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG) under the leadership of Kofi Akpaloo will legalise the cultivation and use of Marijuana in Ghana to accelerate economic growth.

Mr John Amekah, the acting National Chairman of the Party, who told the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Wednesday, said LPG Government would construct Marijuana factories to process the herb for medicinal purposes and export it to earn more foreign exchange.

He said an LPG administration would enact laws to stop the wrong usage of Marijuana and educate people about the economic benefits the nation could derive from the herb.

Mr Amekah noted that countries that legalised the usage of Marijuana were raking-in millions of dollars in export and it was high time Ghana took a cue from it and followed suit.

In consonance with LPG’s industrial revolution agenda, the National Chairman of the Party said it would grow more bamboo plants and use them for manufacturing household items such as tables, beds, spoons and bicycles.

The LPG Chairperson gave the assurance that the leadership of Kofi Akpaloo at the helm of affairs of the nation would put away old systems and bring in new ideas to transform the Ghanaian economy.

A government under LPG will embrace inclusive governance and leverage on the expertise of Ghanaians at home and abroad to improve the economy and create jobs for the youth.

Source: GNA

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