Ghana participates in World Pepper Trade Show

Ghana has marketed pepper as one of its non-traditional export products at this year’s world chili pepper trade show in Reiti, Italy.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration and copied to the Ghana News Agency said Mrs Eudora Quartey-Koranteng, Ghana’s Ambassador to Italy, opened the fair in Reiti, Italy, on Wednesday, August 28.

It said the fair would end on Sunday, September 1.

It noted that the West African nation showcased its pepper industry as one of the sectors with immense investment opportunities.

It said Reiti is a city located in Lazio Region, central Italy and is the main producer of chili pepper in Europe.

It said the World Chili pepper day blends culture, tradition and gastronomy and the trade show was being organised by the Association of “Reiti Cuore Piccante” (Reiti Hot Heart) in collaboration with Italy’s National Pepper Academy, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Forestry and Tourism, Region of Lazio, Province of Reiti, the Municipality of Reiti, the Chamber of Commerce of Reiti, National Confederation of Commerce in North Lazio and the Varrone Foundation.

The statement recounted that since its inception in 2011, the Reiti World Chili Pepper Trade Show had turned out to be a major success story, pulling food lovers, gourmet/bon vivant and curious observers from all over the world.

It said about 150,000 individuals attended the show annually and this year, there were over 150 food stands, adding that guests were being treated to hot chili pepper meals.

The statement said the exhibition had over 600 varieties of hot chili pepper from all over the world being displayed.

“The trade fair is featuring conferences on topics such as; industrial development, pepper trade in Italy, sports and health,” it said.

“It is also featuring a pepper themed cooking show being hosted by professional chefs with the help of interns.”

It said other countries participating in this year’s fair include; Vietnam, Indonesia and Ecuador.

It said Ghana was being represented at the fair by its Embassy in Rome with different fresh peppers on display and pepper sauces for sampling.

Source: GNA

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