Families of three kidnapped girls may refuse DNA test

Family members in the three Takoradi kidnapped girls case may refuse a DNA and other forensic examination based on their conviction that their “Girls” are still alive as indicated by the Director of the Criminal Investigation Department some months ago.

Last Friday, the police discovered some human parts in a septic tank close to the dwelling of the suspect standing trial for the disappearance of the three girls, which had raised lots of tension, anxiety and emotional upheaval within the affected family members.

Meanwhile, the families during separate interviews have expressed strong resentment to the news of the discovery of the human parts, believing that it could not be that of their girls.

Ms. Linda Quayson, an elder sister of Ruth Love Quayson, told the Ghana News Agency that, “We are surprised at this discovery after almost a year of investigation and interrogation…the police are claiming that the three skulls had corn-rolled, weave-on and plaited rasta respectively suggesting to us the families that the skulls may be for our beloved ones…

“But we were made to believe that the girls are there and the CID knew their whereabouts and that is why we willingly gave out information on their blood groupings somewhere February this year”.

Ms. Quayson continued that the turn of events and narratives were rather worrying adding, “we can only cooperate in the DNA tests of the human remains retrieved from a septic tank at Kansaworodo near Takoradi last Friday on a condition that we are allowed for an independent Doctor and private investigator from the families be involved in all activities pending the establishment of the status of the human remains discovered”.

Mr Alexander Kojo Kuranchie, father of Priscilla Mantebea Kuranchie, another victim who spoke on the matter also told the GNA that upon a second thought, it was not prudent to engage in any DNA since the assurances over the period were that the children were alive.

Mr Francis Bentum, father of Priscilla Blessing Bentum, the first victim’s father said “Madam the turn of events have devastated us as a family…and I will not talk again”.

The prime suspect, Udoetuk Wills, and John Oji a second suspect are standing trial at the Sekondi High Court on the charges of conspiracy to commit crime, to wit kidnapping and kidnapping.

Source: GNA

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