Local architects unhappy with monopolization of government projects to foreign architects

The Design Associates Development Consortium has expressed displeasure over the award of some government projects to a foreign architect, Sir David Adjaye, without complying with the country’s Public Procurement Act, 2003 (Act 663) as amended.

It made reference to the award of the National Cathedral, New Parliamentary Chamber, Marine Drive Master Plan and International Cancer Centre for Children as well as Trade Fair Centre Redesign, GNPC Takoradi Office Complex, Airport City Two Design, New Railway Terminal Design and Redevelopment and Expansion of Ghana Embassy in US.

It said those projects were awarded to Adjaye and Associates without adhering to principles of transparency, fairness, equity and laws governing the procurement of professional services by statutory companies and bodies.

A statement issued and signed by Dr Ekow Sam, Consortium Coordinator in Accra, said Sir Adjaye, who was the Principal Architect of Adjaye and Associates, is not a licensed or registered architect to carry on the profession of Architect under the Architects Decree, 1968 (NRCD 357) as amended.

More so, it said, Sir Adjaye is not resident in Ghana and this disqualifies him from being registered as an architect to practice in the country.

The statement copied to the President of the Republic of Ghana, Speaker of Parliament, President of the Ghana Institute of Architect, Registrar of the Architects Registration Council of Ghana and Executive Director of the Ghana Institution of Engineering, requested that those projects awarded to Adjaye and Associates should be re-considered to ensure transparency, fairness and competitive basis.

“It is even more startling when one considers the fact that Adjaye and Associates is currently recruiting architects at the international level, when within the country, there are locally trained, qualified, certified and registered architectural firms who can deliver the services sought.

“Due to the monopolization of awarding projects to Foreign Architects and Engineers, the negative impression and image is being created in the public that, locally trained architects and engineers are incompetent and not qualified to undertake such projects in the country, which is totally untrue,” it said.

The Consortium, therefore, appealed to Government to recognize the contribution and efforts of local architects and professionals since they have held the fort until the emergence of Adjaye and Associates.

The statement expressed the hope that Government would listen to its concerns and halt such unfair practice and ensure that government activities are conducted in a fair and transparent manner in compliance with the public procurement laws.

Source: GNA

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