Methodist Church launches booklet on homosexuality to educate youth

The Accra Diocese of the Methodist Church of Ghana has launched a booklet titled, “The Homosexuality Debate” to educate the public, especially the youth on the consequences of indulging in homosexuality practices.

The 47-page booklet is the results of a discussion held among Christian professionals from different fields over Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) practices and beliefs.

It was launched at the Resurrection Society branch of the Church in Kpehe during the climax of the celebration of the Church’s youth on the theme, “Called to Discipline the Youth.”

The booklet treated issues such as the LGBT position in the Ghanaian context, alternative sexual orientation advocates, socio-economic and health considerations of LGBT and the legal position on sexual offences like homosexuality.

Right Reverend Samuel K. Osabutey, the Accra Diocesan Bishop of the Church who launched the book with other dignitaries said about a year ago, the Church saw the need to discuss LGBT, and produce a teaching material to guide young people to desist from the act.

“I challenge young people to make the right choices, take their religious life seriously and allow it to control their sexual life. Stay pure, think pure, work pure and do pure,” he said.

Rt. Rev. Osabutey said the Church was willing to help members who had been addicted to the LGBT lifestyle to come out of it.

However, he said, they were not going to allow them to rather negatively influence the other young members of the church.

“We should advocate more against LGBT, if not, the small minority will resist us,” he added.

Very Reverend Professor Joshua Narteh Kudadjie, a retired Professor of Ethics who previewed the booklet said during the discussions, it was discovered that some LGBT people were content with their lifestyle because, they believed God created them to behave like that, which to them, was not a sin.

Homosexuality, he said should be discouraged because, it displeased God and caused communities to suffer.

He said LGBT persons were not permitted to be enstooled as Chiefs in some communities and not even acknowledged as ancestors when they die.

Prof Kudadjie urged government not to relax its laws or allow itself to be influenced by external pressure to accept homosexuality.

“If there should be anyone to force this immoral practice on Ghana, or if laws should be passed by government to accept it, all religions would come together to resist it,” he said.

The Professor disclosed that he learned that seven more immoral practices had been added to LGBT, which according to him, showed the confusion in which the world was.

“Anyone who is practising or in favour of homosexuality should stand upright and avail himself to God, who is ready to transform him or her,” he added.

Mrs. Cynthia Morrison, the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection speaking as the Special Guest of Honour, advised young people especially children not to allow anyone to touch their bodies or harass them as they were the sole owners of their bodies.

She advised the children to report anyone of same or the opposite sex who tried to have sexual relations with them to their parents or any adult for help.

She added that, children who were defiled, lived with the consequences for the rest of their lives and sometimes faced challenges in their marital lives due to that.

Mrs. Morrison urged churches to break the culture of silence and discuss the act of sex with children and adolescents, to enable them to know what it was as well as how to defend themselves whenever they are harassed.

Source: GNA

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