Chinese printing company to enter African market    

Xin Printing Technology Co. Ltd, a printing service company based in central China’s Hunan Province, is expanding its business to Africa.

A total of 300 photocopiers have left Xin Printing’s headquarters in Xinhua County and are on their way to Ghana.

The company’s first operation center and photocopier re-manufacturing plant will be launched in the West African country, providing services including graphics production, printing and equipment sales, rentals and maintenance.

“There is a huge demand for modern printing equipment and services in Africa,” said Zou Yuquan, assistant to the president of Xin Printing.

Luo Guoxiong, Xin Printing’s chairman, said they planned to build operation centers and photocopier re-manufacturing plants in over 50 African countries.

With a staff of nearly 500, Xin Printing registered a revenue of 150 million yuan (about $22 million) in 2018.

Companies originating from Xinhua County are a leading force in China’s printing service sector. With over 60,000 printing shops across China, they occupy more than 70 percent of the market share of the industry.

Source: GNA

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