MPs reiterate need for heightened security after suicide attempt

After an unsuccessful suicide attempt in the parliamentary chamber on Thursday, Members of Parliament on Friday again lamented over the security risks to which they are exposed, stressing again that security needs to be beefed up in the House and its precincts.

On Thursday, a man identified as Joseph Mensah, 35, was heard shouting that he wanted to see the President, the Speaker and the MP for Kwesimintim, and attempted to commit suicide in the chamber moments after the House adjourned but was whisked away by security personnel.

And on Friday when the House resumed sitting, Dr Clement Apaak, MP for Builsa South, informed the Speaker and colleague MPs of how some people unceremoniously entered into his office on the same day of the suicide attempt in the chamber.

He said: “Only yesterday after the House rose I was in my office working on some letters, when two gentlemen walked into my office and when I asked them how they got access to my office they couldn’t explain.

“Mr Speaker, these are very challenging times and we need to be much more resolute in asking that our safety be prioritised,” he added.

Dr Apaak questioned the quality of the security architecture of Parliament, drawing attention to the fact that “ sometimes even when you are in your office all of a sudden out of the blue people walk into your office trying to sell you doughnuts.

Mr Joseph Osei Owusu, the First Deputy Speaker, who was chairing the sitting urged the MPs to abide by the security arrangements in the House.

Meanwhile, the House has given assurance that it is taking great care to scrutinize the House and it surroundings to prevent any security incident.

A release from the Public Affairs Department, signed by its Acting Director, Ms Kate Addo, said Parliament is consciously maintaining a high-security presence to ensure the safety of the MPs and staff of Parliament as well as the general public.

The release advised citizens that inasmuch as they are welcomed to observe proceedings in the public gallery, they should comply with the rules governing the House.

Source: GNA

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