NIA website temporarily unavailable

The National Identification Authority on Friday announced that its online portal is temporarily unavailable for public usage.

The portal was meant to be launched formally when all the operational and technical components are ready; however, it was observed that after the Executive Secretary mentioned the existence of an online portal in an interview on radio, interest in its usage was aroused.

A statement copied to the Ghana News Agency said since then the site has seen unusual traffic occasioning its temporary shutdown.

It said the NIA appreciated the interest shown in the use of the online portal as an alternative to filling the registration forms at the registration centres and is working assiduously to restore the service.

The statement pointed out that an applicant who fills the registration form online would still go through the interview process at the registration centre.

It outlined that before a Ghana Card is issued; an applicant would go through steps, including a registration official interview, the applicant and assists him/her to fill an application form with the required personal details.

Source: GNA

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