Mozambique needs $3.2b for reconstruction after devastating cyclones

Mozambique needs about $3.2 billion to finance the reconstruction of its central and northern regions affected by the cyclones Idai and Kenneth, the government announced on Tuesday through the weekly briefing in Maputo.

The government spokesperson Ana Comoana told the press that the figure comes from the report of the post-disaster assessment carried out by multisectoral government teams and some partners, which will be submitted to the donors’ conference to be held in Beira at the end of May.

“The amount is meant to fund the reconstruction of social, productive and other essential sectors affected by the cyclones. The report will form the basis of the donors’
conference,” said the spokesperson.

The state electricity firm recently said $145 million are needed to restore the transmission and distribution grid in affected areas.

Comoana said the government is prepared to mobilize resources internally in case it does not succeed in getting all the funds from the international partners.

“If we can get the value in full, it will be great, otherwise we will have to make internal efforts to make the project feasible,” said Comoana.

Because of the cyclones the Mozambican government has lowered its expectation for the growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from the original 4.7 per cent to 2.5 per cent.

Source: GNA

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